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About NCCFT Faculty Email


In virtually every workplace in the United States, an email account provided by the employer is the property of the employer. This makes it perfectly legal for the administration or the Board of Trustees to read any messages you send from or receive at your College-issued email address. No one is asserting that this happens regularly, or even at all, but we must be aware that it can happen, and possibly does happen.

This is perfectly appropriate for work-related messages, like the ones we sent to students about upcoming assignments, or the ones we send to each other scheduling meetings. However, the officers of a union such as ours frequently need to provide information to union members that we do not wish to share with our employers, such as contract negotiation strategies.

For reasons such as this, we need a secure and effective way to communicate with you that does not involve the College's property. We have set up this website to ensure that we can do this.

Technological Details

The information you provide on this website is stored in a database that can not be accessed by anyone except the NCCFT's officers and the members of the NCCFT's Communications Committee. Every password used on this site is encrypted using the bcrypt algorithm, and every transmission is sent and received using HTTPS. As long as you keep your login information secure, we are confident that no one except us will ever have access to it.

Keeping Your Data Secure on the Internet